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How should we maintain domestic water purifiers in the severe winter

The arrival of severe winter indicates that our domestic water purifiers have also entered a severe test period and an important maintenance period. Of course, you may say that it was not maintained by humans? In fact, our machines also need maintenance, but we can't do random maintenance. Proper maintenance can extend their service life. So today, Norbina Water Purifier will teach you how to maintain your household water purifier, and how to make the household water purifier go through this severe winter.
1. Don't easily move the water purifier after it has been installed
Because the fully sealed water path in the domestic water purifier is composed of several connectors and filter elements and circuits, if you move it easily, it will easily cause the connector to loosen and cause the water purifier to leak. Don't move easily when you are good.
2. If you cannot use the water purifier for a long time, you need to turn off the power and water valve.
If you need to travel, you must close the water inlet ball valve, which can drain all the water in the pressure bucket. Before we return to use again, we need to check whether the appearance of the domestic water purifier is normal. Power on, warm advice: The first glass of water is not recommended for drinking.
 Why does Xiaobian say that Yan Dong should maintain water purifiers more? Because the temperature in winter is too low, it may easily cause the water pipe to burst and stop the water. During the water stop, the water inlet ball valve of the water purifier in the home should be closed in time. After waiting for the water, first turn on the faucet in the home, and then remove the large particles such as the sediment of the water supply pipeline. Then open the water purifier ball valve of the water purifier of the household water purifier, and let the water purifier resume working. This is to effectively prevent large particles such as sediment, rust and other mixed materials from entering the water purifier due to water stoppage, which may cause problems such as decreased water flow or blockage of the filter element.
       In winter, due to the cold, the water produced by the water purifier will also decrease. When we find that the water output becomes smaller, please do not worry first. This is normal. Because the water purifier is used to filter the water purifier filter, this is the process of physical filtration. When the water purifier produces purified water, it also produces corresponding concentrated water. The water output of the water purifier is also related to the level of the ambient temperature, so when the weather is cold, the water output of the water purifier will naturally decline. As long as the temperature rises, the water output of the water purifier will return to normal.
      Regardless of whether the water purifier is installed outdoors or indoors, we must take measures to prevent freezing. Generally, the indoor water purifier must ensure that the ambient temperature is between 5-38 ° C. Because the volume of water expands during the solidification process, if we find ice inside the water purifier, it may cause the pipes, filter bottles and membrane shells of the machine to burst, resulting in water leakage and water volume. And other phenomena. And if the domestic water purifier installed outdoors does not have effective anti-freezing measures, once the outdoor temperature is below 0 ° C, the domestic water purifier must be stopped! Otherwise, the filter bottle and membrane shell of the water purifier will freeze. Thereby reducing the service life of the water purifier.
       What if the water purifier freezes? Don't be afraid that once the water purifier is found to be frozen, don't force it to start. We first need to move the water purifier to a place where the surrounding temperature is above 8 degrees. After the square body naturally thaws, we can use it at startup. And during this period, it is also not possible to force the mechanism water, and after the machine is turned on, we need to check whether there is a leak in the fuselage. If a leak occurs, please contact the after-sales personnel for repair.

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