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  • Tap water is qualified. Why does the country still promote water purifiers?

    Water is the resource on which we live, and it is also the focus of our great attention. Authoritative surveys have shown that more than 90% of the country's urban waters are polluted, 700 million people are drinking water that exceeds the E. coli level, 170 million people are drinking water contaminated with organic matter, and 300 million urban residents are facing the world of water pollution problem. So how much do you know about your drinking environment? The following Poly water purifiers are for you to popularize the current drinking water environment in China and the reasons for using water purifiers. Q1: Residents have been drinking water (or groundwater) for decades without any illness or condition. Why buy your products? A1: First of all, with the advancement of science and technology and the rapid development of industry and agriculture, the pollution of the ground is becoming more and more serious. Naturally purified groundwater is no longer suitable for direct drinking. "Potato washing in the 1950s, washing irrigation in the 1960s, water quality deterioration in the 1970s, fish and shrimp extinction in the 1980s, physical and mental damage in the 1990s", the Yangtze River Delta water resources are carrying different levels of pollution pain. Common sources of groundwater pollution are: 1. Domestic sewage, septic tanks and drainage facilities. 2. Agriculture uses pesticides, fertilizers, rainwater and irrigation water to penetrate the ground. 3. Industrial wastewater and other industrial waste. 4. Leakage of garbage and other pollutants. 5. Other pollutants infiltrate through rivers and lakes. 6. Chemical substance pollution, such as the harmfulness of heavy metals and acids and alkalis on used batteries to water and soil. Secondly, the current discharge of industrial wastewater in China, agricultural pesticide residues and fertilizers, and animal and human feces flow into lakes and rivers through rainwater, resulting in serious pollution of river water quality. According to relevant analysis reports, adolescents who are developing have not fully developed their liver functions. Drinking unclean water from a young age is very harmful. The detoxification function of the elderly gradually declines, and drinking unclean water is even more harmful to the body! Q2: The tap water is qualified by the government. Is there any problem? A2: There is a leak in the so-called one-hundred-tap, and the water from the tap water plant is qualified, but it must pass through a long underground pipe network, a reservoir, and secondary water supply to reach the tap. In addition to the following three factors. (1) Different standards The tap water standard is set to take into account the actual water quality of the vast area of ​​our country. It is the most basic safety line. According to the image, the passing water standard is equivalent to 60 points in the examination, but it is just a passing line. Its purification standard is domestic water, not direct drinking standard. (2) Residual chlorine problem Residual chlorine in tap water is always present, because chlorine gas is intentionally added in the tap water process, and residual chlorine is not good for human health. Therefore, if you want to drink 100 points of high-quality water, tap water is obviously not the best choice. It should be further purified ... (3) Human differences The tap water safety standard is based on statistical data and is a basic guarantee line for safety. In actual life, due to the differences in individual constitutions, each person's tolerance to harmful substances is different. For those who have less than average tolerance, it is a safe content for most people and for others. But it can be dangerous or even fatal. Therefore, even qualified tap water needs to be purified; not to mention, the water from the water plant in some areas does not meet the standards, and such water should be purified through the terminal before it can be safely consumed. Q3: Why doesn't the government plan overall so that users can drink pure water? A3: Because each household drinks only 3% of the water, the rest uses 97% of the water. If the government intends to improve the water quality, it must invest huge amounts of money to improve the overall equipment. In fact, water costs must be greatly increased, and the water output The water passing through water pipes and water towers will still be polluted twice. Therefore, it is better to ask for help. The best home terminal solution is to install a water purification device yourself, which is also in line with China's national conditions. Q4: What are the functions of water purification products? A4: Water purification product is to pass tap water through PP filter element to remove coarse solids in water; then pass through granular activated carbon filter element to adsorb residual chlorine, odor, abnormal color, solid impurities and other harmful substances in water; and then pass through ultrafiltration membrane to further Filter the colloids, some organics, bacteria, etc. in the water to obtain domestic water for washing dishes and dishes; RO reverse osmosis membrane is again deeply filtered to remove harmful impurities such as bacteria, bacteria, heavy metals, compounds in the water; Improve the taste and get pure drinking water. The image is a small purified water factory that is moved home. Consumers only need to connect tap water to make pure water at home. It is clean, hygienic, and convenient, and realizes consumers' desire to make healthy water. Because the terminal water-making equipment is a fully-enclosed water-making system, it is ready-to-drink, thus avoiding secondary pollution of barreled water, and consumers can see and touch the whole water-making process. Is relieved a lot. /

  • 1.how long can i get the feedbacks after we sent the inquiry? 

    We will reply you within 12 hours in working day.

  • 2.are you a direct manufacturer or trading company?

    We have two of our own casting foundries and one CNC machining factory, we also have our own international sales department. we produce and sell all by ourselves.

  • 3.what products can you offer?

    We produce water filter and water filter parts.

  • 4.what applications do your products relate to?

    Our product use for dring water

  • 5.can you do customized products?

    Yes,we are mainly doing customized products according to the customers drawings or samples.

  • 6.do you have some standard parts?


  • 7.how about the capacity of your company?

    More than 1000RMB be year.

  • 8.how many employees of your comany?what about the technicists?

    We now have more than 25 employees

  • 9.how to guarantee the quality of your goods?

    Firstly, we will do the inspection after every process. For the finished products, we will do an inspection according to the customers’ requirements and the international standard. secondly, we have our own testing lab and advanced and complete inspection equipment in the casting industry, including spectrometer, metallographic microscope, tension tester, low-temperature tester, x-ray tester, mpt, ut, cmm, video measurement machine and so on. With these advanced facilities & instruments, we are able to supply precise finished products to our customers, and make products meeting their overall inspection requirements on chemical composition, mechanical properties, non-destructive testing and high precise dimensional inspections.

  • 10.what’s the payment term?

    When we quote for you, we will confirm with you the way of transaction, fob, cif, cnf, etc. for mass production goods, you need to pay a 30% deposit before producing and a 70% balance against a copy of documents. the common way is by t/t. l/c is also acceptable.

  • 11.how to deliver the goods to us?

    Usually, we will ship the goods to you by sea, because we are in Ningbo, and we are only 50 kilometers away from the Ningbo port, it is very convenient and efficient to ship goods to any other countries. of course, if your goods are very urgent, the Ningbo airport and shanghai airport are also very nearby.

  • 12.where are your products mainly exported to?

    Our products are mainly exported to over 20 countries such as Russia, Poland, Finland, Italy, Dubai, India, Australia, etc.

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