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Difference between 5 Stage and 6 Stage RO systems

The function of the water filter is to remove floating substances, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, residual chlorine, sediment, rust, microorganisms, etc. in the water. It has high-precision filtering technology. The household RO System water filter is 5 Stage net Water filter technology or 6 Stage water filter technology.

5 Stage RO System water filter technology

The first stage is the filter cartridge, also known as PP cotton filter cartridge (PPF), the second stage is granular activated carbon (UDF) filter cartridge, the third level is the precision compressed activated carbon (CTO) filter cartridge, and the fourth level is the reverse osmosis membrane or ultrafiltration The filter membrane, the fifth stage is the post activated carbon water filter cartridge.

The six-stage RO System water filter technology finally added a first-level filtration technology as a weakly alkaline energy bar (PPF filter + granular activated carbon + sintered activated carbon + ultrafiltration membrane + rear activated carbon + weakly alkaline energy bar). The water filter is not only suitable for areas with serious tap water pollution, but also can filter residual chlorine in regular tap water, and can improve the taste of water.

Benefits of RO system:

Reduce dissolved pollutants by 90%

Remove heavy metal pollutants

Remove pesticides

Remove organic impurities

Water tastes better

Continuous safe water flow

Provide varying degrees of purification

It is easy to maintain, RO membrane replacement depends on the quality and use of water

Its compact size ensures that it can be installed anywhere (home or commercial establishment) without any hassle.

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