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Do you still use 3 yuan / ton of water to make 500 yuan / can of milk powder?

Whether it is a first-time mother of reserve, or a second-time treasured mother who has "fighted through battles", she hopes to bring all the best to babies, and eat, wear, live, and walk sloppy, especially to let Baby drink milk powder.
As a source of nutrition, the quality of milk powder must be superior, regardless of whether the price is high or the effort is required to go overseas. This is not a problem.
However, is it enough to just buy milk powder? You may have overlooked water, which is an essential ingredient for milk powder.
For babies, many parents have searched for the best milk powder in the world, but brewed it with tap water.
The tap water contains impurities harmful to the human body and cannot be removed even if it is boiled.
It is best to filter tap water before drinking it, instead of using your baby's body as a filter.
I. Milk powder water that cannot be ignored
The tap water is processed through the processes of sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection, and finally output through the water distribution pump station and pipeline.
If you boil the water and drink it, it can kill most bacteria and viruses in the water after boiling at high temperature, but harmful heavy metals, chemicals and impurities cannot be ruled out. The residual chlorine in the water may also combine with organic compounds to cause carcinogenicity Chloroform.
If you spent 500 yuan to buy a can of Haitao premium milk powder, did you really dare to use 3 yuan of tap water to make milk for your baby?
What kind of water should you and your baby drink?
1.Boil tap water
Boil tap water for drinking. This is an easy way for most people, but is it the best way?
Boil tap water, but still can not remove scale, heavy metals, residual chlorine and bacterial "corpses"; moreover, tap water is vulnerable to secondary pollution during long pipeline transportation, especially for high-rise housing, because Under pressure, the risk of contamination of the roof water tank is also great.
2.Bottled water + water dispenser
Bottled water connected to the water dispenser, aside from the high cost of drinking water, what is this way of drinking?
(1) Unsafe: ① The "secondary pollution" and "black heart bucket" of the water tank are shocking. ② The water storage tank, water channel, and seat of the water dispenser are places where bacteria breed. ③ Inferior merchants fill with inferior water.
(2) It is inconvenient. You need to make an appointment to change the water. You cannot go out after making the call. You need to wait and waste time.
(3) Not fresh: The storage time of barreled water should not be too long. If it is not used for 3 days, the bacteria in the air will multiply rapidly in the water, especially in relatively closed environments, which will cause more pollution.
3.Bottled water
Many people who value quality of life prefer bottled water in their lives. However, the price of bottled mineral water is still high for most households, and it is not realistic as daily drinking water.
Whether it is bottled water, bottled water or tap water, there are producers' quality control and supervision and inspection by supervisors.
Maybe it's not good enough. From time to time, you can find some problems that exceed standards and pollution, which is also worrying!
Choose a water purifier that brings health
The image of a household water purifier is to move a small pure water manufacturer home.
Removes various harmful substances such as sediment, rust, bacteria, algae, colloids, macromolecular organics, etc., to ensure that drinking water is clean, hygienic and safe, and easy to use. Also healthy and safe.
For consumers, only the filter element needs to be replaced regularly.

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