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Feeling unsafe to drink

What is a sense of security? For 1,000 people, there will be 1,000 kinds of answers. For students, it is a sense of security to study without exams and to eat in the dining hall; for a workplace man, the sense of security is to have a warm little family and get off work every day. , Baby and health are the first, prepare nutrition and delicious for the baby and family every day, watching them look healthy and healthy, this is the greatest sense of security. But whether it is baby milk powder or family water, the key is the quality of the family water. Once the water quality is contaminated, it will directly affect the health of the family, so it must be protected from the source of household water.
The water purifier is a kind of household terminal water purification equipment. At the end of the water pipe, the water is filtered and purified to obtain sweet and delicious direct drinking water. Many people are willing to spend money where they can see, for example, spend tens of thousands to buy an LV, buy a belt, buy a piece of clothing, buy an IPone8, or buy large packages of bird's nest supplements, health care products, etc. Spend money to install a water purification equipment. There are so many people in the world who are ill because of drinking unclean water. Do you only regret your own experience without realizing the importance of drinking clean water and buying water purifiers?
There is such a saying in the water purification industry, why should you buy a water purifier, you will understand after reading this!

If you save money in a bank, if you do n’t buy a water purifier, your money will be lent to someone else to buy a water purifier.

Someone else used your money to buy a water purifier.

But you use tap water, drink bottled water, pay two water charges for tap water and bottled water, but he only spends one water money.

Then you got sick, couldn't work, and laid off.

He used his job as yours, earned his salary, and repaid his bank loan.

In the end, your savings are exhausted, your wife runs out of anger, and the child asks for milk powder.

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