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How can I buy a good water purifier?

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people are paying more and more attention to health problems. Facing the increasingly severe water pollution problem, more and more families choose to buy a household water purification product to ensure the quality of drinking water at home. Guard family health.

However, most consumers are often dazzled by the wide range of water purification products on the market and do not know where to start. Next, we will solve your worries, control from four aspects, and choose a high-quality household water purifier for you and your family.

01View sanitation approval documents
According to regulations, manufacturers of water purifiers must obtain a sanitation license from a higher-level sanitation supervision department, and each brand and model of water purifier has and only one sanitation license batch number, and obtains a sanitation license from the sanitation supervision department. The quality of the machine is its first guarantee.

02Understand the after-sales service system
The quality of after-sales service can often reflect the professionalism and responsibility of an enterprise. The quality and credibility of a product depends on whether the after-sales service can keep up with the actual needs of consumers in pursuit of a high-quality life. . When buying water purification products, we must try our best to choose products from regular manufacturers, and we must also understand whether the product's after-sales service is professional and perfect. We buy not only products, but also services.

03The choice of filter element is the most important
The filter element is the soul of the water purifier, which largely determines the quality of drinking water filtration. Understanding the types of common water purifier filter elements on the market and their main functional characteristics is the homework you should do in advance when purchasing a water purifier , It is necessary to know the technical parameters of the filter element of the water purifier to make the most correct choice when purchasing the water purifier.

04Select products according to water quality
If the water purification product does not match the water quality that needs to be purified, the water purification effect will be greatly reduced, because the water purification technology and filter combination structure used are different, and they also meet different water quality. The different water quality conditions in different places have different requirements for the net waste ratio of the water purifier. Of course, a high net waste ratio is more adaptable. For example, the net waste ratio can reach 5:1 in areas with good water quality, and the water quality is poor. In regions, it can only reach 4:1 or 3:1. The specific situation is analyzed in detail. When purchasing a water purifier, you should choose a water purification product that meets your needs according to the water source situation in your area.

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