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How to choose a water purifier? These points cannot be ignored!

1.See filter configuration

To choose a water purifier, the first step is to understand the water purifier filter. Because the filter element can ensure the purity and safety of the water, it can effectively filter out small particles of impurities, bacteria, heavy metals and other impurities in the water. There are also many types of filter elements. Take the kitchen water purifier as an example. The common types of filter elements used in water purifiers on the market are as follows:

(1) PP cotton filter element: The amount of water passing through is large, which can block large particles such as rust, sand, and colloid in the water. Most of the impurities will be filtered here.

(2) Activated carbon filter element: It can absorb and filter large particles of impurities in water, effectively remove odors and odors in water, reduce the oxygen consumption and turbidity of raw water, and improve the taste.

(3) Ultrafiltration membrane filter element: rely on the micropores densely distributed on the surface to purify the raw water, intercept suspended substances, bacteria, and other large molecular substances in the water, and filter out safe water.

(4) Reverse osmosis membrane filter: The pore size of RO reverse osmosis membrane is extremely small, which can effectively remove all heavy metal ions, calcium and magnesium ions dissolved in water, and 99% of pollutants such as harmful bacteria.

(5) Composite filter element: It is a special existence. In short, it is actually a collection of one or several independent function filter elements on a filter element according to the needs of science, and at the same time play its role.

In comparison, a water purifier that uses a composite filter can not only filter out large particles of impurities in the water, but also remove bacteria finely, making the filtered water healthier. It is recommended that when you buy a water purifier, give priority to the water purifier using a composite filter.

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