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A little knowledge of water and human health

Water is the source of life. The reason why people can grow on land is because there is a complete water storage system in the body. This system stores a lot of water in the body, about 70% of the body weight. Because of this, people can adapt to temporary water shortages in a short time.
At the same time, there is also a drought management mechanism in the human body. Its main function is to strictly distribute the water stored in the body when water is scarce. nutrient.

In the distribution, the brain occupies an absolute priority. The brain accounts for one-fifth of the body weight, but it receives 18%-20% of all blood circulation, and the proportion of water is the same. The drought management mechanism of the human body is very strict. When distributing water, all organs in the body will be monitored and distributed strictly according to a predetermined ratio. No organs can occupy more than one. All functions of the body are directly controlled by the amount of water.
After the drought management mechanism in the body sends out a local water shortage signal, people will immediately feel thirsty. The stronger the alarm signal, the stronger the thirst, the more urgent the body's demand for water. However, it is incredible that the catastrophic mistake people often make is that when the body desperately needs water, we give it tea, coffee, wine or drinks instead of natural water.
Over time, the body will become numb, and the metabolic function of water will be disturbed. The signal from the lack of water in some areas of the body is not just thirst. At this time, you will feel back pain, cervical spine pain, and even induce peptic ulcer Increased blood pressure, asthma, allergies, diabetes and other diseases.

What a terrible consequence, what a huge disaster, the reason is actually very simple, in fact you are not sick, just thirsty. Therefore, to develop good drinking habits, not only know how to drink, but also know what kind of water to drink.

To drink healthy water, drink healthy water. So, what kind of water is good for family? Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of these four common drinking methods, which way is the most ideal?
Drinking water one-tap water to boil and drink

After the tap water is boiled, it is still unable to remove heavy metals, volatile substances and bacterial corpses. After tap water is disinfected with chlorine gas, it can kill viruses and bacteria, but it cannot remove heavy metals and volatile substances. The dead bodies of viruses and bacteria still exist. After chlorine gas is disinfected, there will be residual chlorine in the water. After the water is transported through the pipeline for a long distance, it is susceptible to secondary pollution. Rust, sediment, bacteria, etc. will once again affect the quality of the water. Especially for high-rise residential buildings, the roof is generally used because of the secondary pressure There is a water tank. This kind of water tank will make the tap water of the household polluted by sediment, rust and bacteria.

Therefore, tap water will basically be boiled before drinking, but boiled can only solve the problem of bacteria, can not solve the problems of sediment, rust, heavy metals, volatile substances and bacterial dead bodies, and the residual chlorine in the tap water after high temperature boiling will Chloroform is produced, which is a standard carcinogen; so just boiled, the quality of drinking water will not be fundamentally improved, and it poses a serious hidden danger to physical health.

Drinking water method 2-bottled water receiving water dispenser

The bottled water is connected to the drinking fountain, which has high cost, short validity period, and is more susceptible to secondary pollution. One barrel of water is about seven to ten yuan, and the cost is relatively high. The central water purifier and most of this water are tap water processed with large water purifiers or pure water machines. Few natural wells are available in the market. At the same time, the bottled water has a short storage time and is easy to deteriorate. It is open after being connected to the water dispenser and will be polluted by pollutants in the air, so it is not an ideal drinking water solution.

Drinking water three-buy bottled water

Bottled water is extremely expensive and not suitable for daily use by families. Bottled water is listed as daily water by a few wealthy families, but this method is too costly and may not be as effective as a water purifier.

Drinking water method 4-install water purifier

The use of water purifiers can effectively filter various pollutants to meet the standard of raw drinks, and the cost is relatively low. The water purifier uses various adsorption and filtering materials to effectively separate and remove various pollutants, such as bacteria, residual chlorine, heavy metals, volatile substances, rust, sediment and other water impurities and harmful substances, and the cost is relatively high It is said to be much lower, the taste of the water is good, and you can drink it directly without boiling it, so it is the most ideal solution for drinking and water for families.

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