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Frequently asked questions when customers buy water purifiers

Concern for water quality should start with "drinking water". A group of water partners aiming to improve the quality of drinking water were born as early as the late 1980s. The emergence of tap water, bottled water and drinking fountains has indeed improved the human drinking water environment to a certain extent, but its inevitable secondary pollution of pipes and the incident of poisonous barrels have been exposed one after another. People began to pin their hopes on water purifiers. The more families start to pay attention to and install the water purifier, but there are many doubts before installing the water purifier. What are the common questions that customers buying water purifiers ask?

Is the water purifier too expensive?

A barrel of water is replaced every 5-6 days. The cost of each barrel is 10-12 yuan. The annual cost is about 880 yuan. Just a few years will be enough for a water purifier. The bottled water usually has a shelf life. Choose a water purifier and you will be able to drink safe, healthy, fresh, and high-quality drinking water at any time to improve the quality of the kitchen! Whether it is soup or cooking or brewing tea to make coffee, it can be healthy and delicious. ! And it saves you the trouble of ordering and moving water.

My home is renovated, can I install a water purifier?

Under normal circumstances, we recommend that users plan the water purifier circuit before decoration, so as to avoid the inconvenience of hydropower in the later installation. But in fact most of our customers are families who have completed the renovation for a long time. Our installers will install a tee with a switch at the water outlet of the kitchen, and fix the direct drinking water system on the side of your kitchen cabinet or under the cabinet. The installation is quick and easy, without affecting the use of the original kitchen faucet or destroying the original decoration.

Do I have to reserve a place or a pipe to install a water purification system?

In principle, this is the case. After the company's after-sales service is in place, these problems are easy to solve. They will help you deal with the problems of hydropower lines. The installation of drinking water filtration products is flexible and simple. It only needs to occupy a small space inside the cabinet under your sink. Use the reserved hole of the soap dispenser in the sink or directly punch the hole in the sink to install a water purifier. As long as you complete the installation of the cabinet and sink, you can purchase the water purifier!

When should I replace the filter element?

The replacement time of the water purifier filter element is different according to each material. Under normal circumstances,

The first level: PP cotton. (The use period is from March to June, and the period varies greatly according to the water quality in different places.) The replacement of PP cotton can be compared and replaced according to the above figure. As the first stage of water purification, PP cotton needs to be replaced frequently. If PP cotton is replaced in a timely manner, it can extend the service life of the 2-5 grade filter after-effect.

Second level: granular activated carbon. (The period of use is from June to December, and the period varies greatly depending on the water quality of each place

Third level: composite activated carbon or cationic resin, PP cotton, etc. (Use period is 6-12 months)

Fourth level: ultrafiltration membrane or RO reverse osmosis membrane (use period is 24-36 months)

Fifth level: taste-adjusted activated carbon. (Use period is 6-12 months)

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