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How do I Remove Ferric Iron from My Well Water?

Sediment filters
A sub-micron rated sediment filter is capable of removing the iron precipitate that has emerged from the water. Sediment filters allow water to flow freely through them while preventing solid particulate matter from entering the household plumbing. Sediment filters are exceptional at preventing dirt, debris, and cloudiness from polluting your home’s water. Make sure your sediment filter has a small enough micron rating to adequately capture the iron. Many well-owners prefer natural cotton stringwound sediment filters to capture and remove the ferric iron in their well water supply. This solution is ideal for those with low levels of iron, all of which is in ferric form. A sediment filter alone will not solve your stained toilets and metallic tasting water if your well has ferrous iron in addition to the ferric iron.

Is Iron in Water Dangerous?

Drinking low levels of iron is not dangerous and will not have an adverse impact on your health. Iron is regulated as a secondary contaminant by the EPA. Secondary contaminants are contaminants with aesthetic and cosmetic consequences, like foul tastes and stains, but are not considered to be dangerous to consume. Iron itself is essential to a healthy, balanced diet and contributes to red blood cell production and transports oxygen throughout the body. Spinach, eggs, lentils, and shrimp all are iron-rich foods that provide your body with this vital mineral.

If you are consuming very high concentrations of iron, there is a possibility of toxicity. Hemochromatosis is an inherited medical condition that prevents your intestines from properly absorbing iron. Hemochromatosis can lead to lethargy, weight loss and confusion, and cirrhosis of the liver. However, hemochromatosis is a hereditary condition, and drinking well water with high concentrations of iron cannot give you the disorder.

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