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The difference between soft water and hard water

According to the hardness of water, it is divided into soft water and hard water. The hardness of water refers to the concentration of calcium and magnesium ions in water. The hardness unit is ppm, and 1ppm represents the calcium carbonate content of 1 mg/L (mg/L). Water that does not contain or contain a small amount of calcium and magnesium ions is called soft water, and vice versa.
According to the total hardness value of water, the total hardness is 0-30ppm, which is called soft water. The total hardness is more than 60ppm, which is called hard water. The high-quality drinking water does not exceed 25ppm, and the high-quality soft water has a total hardness of 10ppm or less.
       Hard water is divided into temporary hard water and permanent hard water. Temporary hard water hardness is caused by calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate, which can be removed after boiling. This hardness is also called carbonate hardness. The hardness of permanent hard water is caused by salts such as calcium sulfate and magnesium sulfate, and cannot be removed after boiling. The above two hardnesses are collectively referred to as total hardness.
 In natural water, unpolluted rainwater and snowwater are soft water; spring water, stream water, river water, and reservoir water are mostly temporary hard water, and the groundwater in the department is high hardness water. When water droplets condense in the atmosphere, carbon dioxide in the air is dissolved to form carbonic acid. The carbonic acid eventually falls on the ground with rainwater, then seeps through the soil to the rock layer, and dissolves the lime (calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate) to produce temporary hard water. The hard water around the caves and caves in some areas is formed like this.
Hard water has many disadvantages:
       1: Insoluble precipitate formed when reacting with soap to reduce the washing effect. (Using this point can also distinguish between hard and soft water)
       2: The hardness of the hard water is very poor, and it is bitter.
       3: Hard water heating is easy to produce scale, precipitation of calcium salt and magnesium salt will cause scale, hinder heat transfer, and cause industrial boiler explosion when severe.
       4: Drinking hard water will also have a certain impact on human health. People who don't drink hard water occasionally drink hard water, which can cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, the so-called "water and soil dissatisfaction"; cooking fish and vegetables with hard water will destroy or reduce the nutritional value of food because it is not easy to cook; use hard water to make tea Changing the color and aroma of tea reduces its drinking value; making tofu with hard water not only reduces the yield but also affects the nutrients of the tofu. What is important is that there may be a variety of discomforts in the body. Many patients with stones may be caused by drinking too much water.
  The advantages of soft water:
       1: Drinking soft water can improve the taste, prevent diseases such as stones, and is good for your health;
2: Soft water tea, with the taste of spring water, is better than the feeling of using tap water tea;
3: Soft water laundry, reduce the wear and tear of clothes, save 50%~80% of various detergents;
4: Soft water reduces water heater maintenance and repair;
5: Soft water reduces the maintenance and repair of the pipeline;
6: Soft water reduces the generation of sanitary ware.
The advantages of soft water, especially the advantage of the first one, represent the healthy development of household drinking water. The water purifier is born. In the serious environment of water pollution, the water purifier can purify tap water or groundwater into direct drinking. The soft water, which solves the problem of secondary pollution of tap water, also brings health guarantees to the drinking water of family members.

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