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Will you drink water from the water purifier for a long time

Do you drink water from the water purifier for a long time? People now pay more and more attention to health. Especially the health of drinking water. Many people have misunderstandings about the safety of drinking water, and many families even install household water purifiers, water purifiers or faucet purifiers and water purifiers. Distributors of water purifiers can be said to be a trend everywhere. However, some consumers have raised questions about whether they can drink pure water for a long time. Is it safe to drink this water for a long time?
Is it healthy to drink water from the water purifier for a long time?

Many people have long believed that drinking raw water should be sick, so be sure to drink boiled water. For water that used to be less polluted in the past, this is an effective method of disinfection and disinfection. However, there are also many negative effects, such as:

1. Boiling water only kills bacteria and some viruses. Dead bacteria and dead virus corpses still exist in the water; after entering the human body, it has become a medically called "heat source". The common clinical "nameless fever" causes multiple sources Office.

2. The process of boiling water cannot eliminate heavy metals, scale and carcinogens in the water.

3. During the heating process, water will slowly consume too much oxygen. As the water boils slowly, the oxygen in the water is almost completely evaporated. The human body needs calcium, magnesium and other minerals to become the bottom of scale accumulation for health. As we all know, drinking water and water have died, drinking fish has died. Drinking boiled water is not conducive to providing oxygen to the human body. Long-term drinking is not conducive to metabolism.

4. Don't use an aluminum pot to drink water casually, otherwise it will easily lead to nitrous acid. Also do not use containers made of iron, otherwise after boiling water. Then it will produce carcinogens, and drinking nitrite in the water will harm the health of the body.

According to the data, when boiling in an iron container, the nitrite nitrogen in the water increased a lot. Moreover, once people use aluminum containers for boiling, they will have to increase the carcinogen nitrogen nitrite. After boiling for five minutes, this carcinogen will be more than ten times more than the original water. This is very scary data.

1. With the continuous improvement of drinking water awareness, many families have purchased bottled water. However, the problem of drinking and drinking appeared again: simplified purification methods: some manufacturers reduced costs and simplified purification methods, resulting in unqualified water quality. Some manufacturers actually put tap water directly into buckets. There is no sterilization effect at all. And the cost of this water is very low, but the price is more than ten yuan.
2. The quality of the bucket is unqualified: some buckets actually use abandoned blood transfusion bottles, and the disc is made of material! The price of the bucket that meets the hygienic standards is about 35 yuan, and the price of the old plastic bucket is only about 8 yuan. How can such a high price difference be jealous?

3. The freshness of water cannot be guaranteed. Water is active. The fresher the better. Some families can only use a bucket of water every week or two. It should be noted that various bottled waters should be used within 2 to 3 days after opening. Otherwise, bacteria in the air will breed bacteria in the water. Too much! Water ages easily, and fresh water is not guaranteed. However, our average family may need 5 days to drink water.

4. In fact, water purifiers purify pure water is relatively healthy. Pure water lacks minerals and trace elements. Some people think that drinking pure water has no nutrients and trace elements, which is bad for human health. In fact, this statement does not have enough clinical practice and corresponding theoretical basis.

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