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Is chlorine in water harmful to the human body?

People cannot live without water every day, but do you know what water you use? More than 80% of water plants in the world still use chlorine as a means of sterilization. Tap water contains a certain amount of residual chlorine, so when people turn on the tap, they will smell a pungent "bleaching powder smell". Studies have found that the presence of chlorides in chlorinated water and drinking water increases the risk of cancer. Residual chlorine and its derivatives such as chloroform, carbon tetrachloride and other carcinogens and mutants enter the human body from drinking water, but also a large part of people wash their faces, wash their hands, gargle, and enter the skin pores human body.
Harm of residual chlorine to the human body: it can irritate the eyes, nose, throat and respiratory tract. When the concentration is high, it will cause chronic poisoning, resulting in rhinitis, bronchitis, emphysema, etc., and some allergic dermatitis and eczema. Chronic inhalation of low concentrations of chlorine can lead to accelerated aging. Such water used for bathing will make the hair dry, broken, split ends, bleaching the skin, and the skin layer will fall off, resulting in a very itchy skin ringworm allergy.

The harm of residual chlorine to food: it will destroy vegetables, fruits, vitamins, minerals and other ingredients in food.

Harm of residual chlorine to pregnant women: Long-term drinking of tap water containing residual chlorine by pregnant women will affect the growth of fetal heart and lungs.

The harm of residual chlorine to the elderly: can cause coronary atherosclerosis, anemia, bladder cancer.

Dr. Martin, an American health science and nutritionist, said: If humans can avoid the damage of chlorine water, their life span can be extended by 20 to 30 years. Water is important, water is equally important, and families with conditions should have a central water purification system .

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