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Is the water purifier really useful? See what water experts say!

1. The tap water has passed the government test, why is there a problem?
In recent years, the water plant has been continuously strengthening its water purification work to meet drinking water standards as much as possible. However, due to inadequate market supervision, there are still many loopholes. The media has frequently reported behind the exposure and can be seen. In addition, tap water passing through water pipes and water towers may cause secondary or even tertiary pollution of water quality in the middle. Rust and bacterial growth are major factors that pollute water quality and endanger human health. These problems are the difficulties that the water supply enterprises cannot solve with the current technology. Therefore, it is very important to choose a water purifier to ensure the safety of family drinking water.
2. I have been drinking tap water (or rural groundwater) for decades without any major problems. Is it necessary to buy a water purifier?
With the rapid development of industry and agriculture, a large amount of industrial and agricultural pollution has been caused at the cost of the environment. For example, in recent years, the Lanzhou water pollution incident, the Sanyou Chemical pollution incident, the Zhenjiang water pollution incident and other reports, you see why we have a better quality of life and cancer-causing people. But the continuous improvement is caused by food pollution, air pollution and water pollution.
3. What are the pollutants in daily drinking water?
Daily drinking water pollutants mainly include: industrial wastewater, agricultural wastewater, heavy metals, antibiotics, pesticides, chemical drugs, chloroform and other carcinogens; rust, large particle suspension, calcium and magnesium ions are easy to cause kidney stones; bacteria, pathogens, microorganisms Wait.
4. Is the water purifier really useful?

Water purifiers are divided into two series of ultrafiltration water purifiers and RO reverse osmosis water purifiers. The ultrafiltration water purifier filter element is 0.01 microns, which can effectively filter sediment, rust, large suspended particles, bacteria, colloids, and large molecular organic matter And other impurities; while the RO reverse osmosis filter has an accuracy of 0.0001 micron, and the filtration accuracy reaches five parts per million of the hair. The filtered water is pure water without any impurities and can reach the direct drinking water, which is currently the most popular on the market. And safe water purification solutions.

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