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It's time to pay attention to drinking water

Water is the source of life. It is not only the main component of the body, but also maintains many physiological functions. Therefore, the safety of drinking water has always received much attention.

With the advent of "World Water Day" and "China Water Week" this year, the topic of national drinking water safety has once again heated up. In life, some people drink tap water, some people drink pure water, and some people drink beverages as water. Today's tap water quality is serious. This is an indisputable fact. In the face of continuous water pollution, possible harmful substances such as bacteria, heavy metals, and organic pollutants make water less reassuring. Therefore, we must select all kinds of wading products, water dispensers, water purifiers ... But in the face of many choices, we can't help but ask, what kind of water is healthy water?

Experts say that good water must have certain hardness and solutes, and must not drink the same type of water for a long time, such as drinking selenium-deficient water, the anti-cancer resistance will be reduced, the heart muscle will easily decline, and the cholesterol will increase, which is more likely to cause arteries Hardening; drinking iodine-deficient water is prone to cause large neck disease; drinking silicon-deficient water has abnormal bone metabolism, aging, and abnormal thyroid function; drinking calcium- and magnesium-deficient water is likely to increase the prevalence of cardiovascular disease.

People with different family structures or different ages should also drink water with different mineral content. Of course, plain water is the best source of water, and it is not recommended to replace water with beverages, especially for children, obesity, and people with basic diseases. In fact, nothing can replace water. Studies abroad have shown that women who drink 5 glasses of water a day have a 45% lower risk of colon cancer than women who drink 2 glasses of water a day. As for natural drinks such as tea and coffee, water can be replaced to some extent, but it also varies from person to person.

However, there is still a thorny problem, the secondary pollution of tap water, the water plant can basically remove the harmful substances in the polluted water, but during the transportation of the tap water, as the tap water pipe aging, it will also cause "secondary pollution to the tap water. ". In China since the 1960s, galvanized pipes have been used as the material for water supply pipes in cities, and there are serious hidden dangers of pollution, such as rust, scaling, and corrosion. In the use of more than ten years or even decades, the inner wall of the water pipe has been rusted, and even moss has grown. And this humid environment is also very conducive to the growth of various bacteria. Therefore, the original clean tap water has been seriously polluted by these rust, moss, and bacteria again during transportation.

So tap water is not absolutely safe. You can use a water purifier as a secondary anti-fouling measure. Hanston water purifier is a pure physical filtration method, which can effectively remove harmful substances such as bacteria, residual chlorine, heavy metals, scale (calcium and magnesium, etc.), volatile substances, rust, sediment, etc. Drinking, so it is the ideal drinking water treatment plan for families. Hanston's quality control management principle: It is better to kill one thousand by mistake than one.

So, how much water should I drink in a day? Although water can play the role of detoxification, if it is excessive, it will cause water poisoning. The average person's daily intake of water is about 2000ml-2500ml, that is, 8 glasses of water (a cup of water is about 250ml-300ml) . In addition, drinking water must also have a correct method. Really effective drinking method refers to drinking a whole cup of water at a time, instead of just drinking two sips, so that the body can really absorb and use. When drinking on an empty stomach, water will circulate directly from the digestive tract and be absorbed by the body. Drinking water when you are thirsty often only quenches your thirst, not hydrating.

However, in addition to paying attention to your own needs for "healthy water", we must also pay attention to the changes in water throughout the world. Data shows that China's per capita fresh water is 1/4 of the world's per capita level. It belongs to a water-scarce country. There are more than 300 cities in the country that lack water, 29% of them are drinking bad water, and the economic loss caused by water shortage is 100 per year More than 100 million yuan, and the economic losses caused by water pollution have reached more than 40 billion yuan.
Therefore, the water philanthropy consciousness of "love water, care for water and protect water" must be turned into a virtue, which will play an extensive demonstration and communication effect in the society to cause the whole society to build a harmonious water ecology The elements should do their part.

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