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Let your family drink water at ease, so choose a water purifier

Although the market share of water purifiers on the market is gradually increasing, many people who still buy water purifiers for the first time still feel strange and do not know where to start. Therefore, if you want to choose an easy-to-use water purifier, it is necessary to do enough homework before you buy it. Don't blindly listen to sales promotion, and find out the main points of purchase.
Before buying, we should understand that buying a good water purifier can really provide a guarantee for the water source at home, so that we can drink water at ease. Poor quality water purifiers can be selected, but may become a new source of water pollution. Faced with the variety of brands on the market, the key to how to effectively choose depends on the following points.
1. Choose according to different structure
It is not difficult to find a water purifier. There are different structures of water purifiers on the market, which are roughly divided into two types: tank water purifiers and tankless water purifiers. Different structures of water purifiers are also suitable for different kitchens, so when purchasing, you should also choose the most suitable type for your own home according to the actual situation of your kitchen.
1. There is a tank water purifier

A tank water purifier is one of the more traditional and original water purifiers. It has a water storage container, that is, a tank, and purified drinking water is stored in this water storage tank.

Advantages: Due to the relatively long birth time of this water purifier, its water purification technology is relatively mature. Moreover, it is less affected by the power supply, and the pure water source is stored in advance, even if the power is cut off, it will not be without water for a while.

Disadvantages: It is precisely because this water purifier has a water storage tank, so it will occupy a large kitchen area. Secondly, the water storage capacity of the tank water purifier is limited, so if the water demand is large, it may not be met. Secondly, long-term use requires regular cleaning and replacement, otherwise it is easy to produce secondary pollution.

2. Tankless water purifier

As the name implies, the tankless water purifier eliminates the water storage tank compared with the tank water purifier, and adopts the integrated design of the fuselage, and timely filtering and drinking in time.

Advantages: compact size, does not occupy the kitchen space, and does not need to worry about the problem of secondary pollution of water sources, relatively speaking can meet more water needs.

Disadvantages: Because it is used with the filter, it is greatly affected by the power supply. Once there is a power outage, it will be accompanied by water outages, and there is no safe drinking water. And the relative cost is higher than the tank water purifier.

【Shopping suggestions】

Judging from the above two different water purifier mechanisms, the two have advantages and disadvantages. It is recommended to purchase according to the actual situation of your own kitchen. If the kitchen area is small, do not choose a tank water purifier. A comprehensive comparison recommends that a tankless water purifier is more cost-effective and more practical.

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