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Precautions for water purifier purchase

In order to choose a cost-effective water purifier, in addition to the above points of purchase, in line with the excellent selection concept, some details when purchasing a water purifier can not be ignored. It is important to pay attention to the following aspects.

1. Pay attention to the filter

The function of the water purifier filter is just like the heart of the water purifier. Therefore, when buying a water purifier, you should pay attention to whether you need to replace the filter. If it is a water purifier that needs to be replaced, how long is the filter valid? These should be clear when buying.

In fact, there is no water purifier that does not permanently need to replace the filter element. Prolonged use will definitely increase impurities and scale in the water, thus affecting the drinking safety of the water purifier. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to daily maintenance after selecting a water purifier, and regularly clean and replace the filter element, so as to ensure the true safety of drinking water.

2. Pay attention to qualification certification

For many people who buy water purifiers for the first time, they are afraid to go to the pit and choose unreliable water purifiers. If you want to buy a water purifier with a guarantee, you can simply look at the product qualification certification of the water purifier to judge.

my country's drinking water system has passed the test of the Ministry of Health and issued the "China Water-related Product Certification", which is also a preliminary judgment on the quality of water purifier products. When purchasing, you can directly go to the official website of the Ministry of Health. For some imported brands, you can check whether there is an import and export inspection report to judge.

3. Pay attention to the selection of additional functions
Direct drinking function: It is also necessary to pay attention to whether the purified water can be directly consumed. The water purifier does not meet the standard of direct drinking, and it may cause hidden health risks if it is swallowed. Therefore, if you want to drink directly, then choose the water purifier with direct drinking function.

Double water outlet function: a water purifier with double water outlet design, one machine has two outlets for pure water and purified water, and can be switched freely. Purified water is used for washing fruits and vegetables, while pure water is used for making tea and drinking directly. To meet a variety of needs, it is recommended that the budget is sufficient to choose as appropriate.

Filter replacement reminder function: As mentioned above, the filter of the water purifier should be cleaned regularly. How to grasp the timing of cleaning and replacement? If you choose a water purifier with LED filter reminder function, it will be clear at a glance. The filter will automatically remind when it expires, which is more intimate and safe. .

【Shopping suggestions】

When purchasing a water purifier, pay attention to regular replacement of the filter element, and check the corresponding qualification certification, and also pay attention to choose practical additional functions according to your needs, so that the selected water purifier can make you really drink healthy water.

Still worried about your own water quality? Choose a water purifier to help you get all this done. Follow the above 4 points to buy a water purifier, I believe that even if you are the first time to choose a water purifier, you can be at ease.

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