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The importance of filter

If the filter element is the primary condition for customers to purchase a water purifier, then small size and small flow are necessary conditions. According to the consumer survey report of Aowei Cloud Network, the proportion of pain points for the huge volume of water purifiers has reached 75%, accounting for the first pain point in the use of water purifiers. The kitchen area of ​​many families is relatively small, and most of the area has been occupied by various kitchen appliances, and it is difficult to make room for installing water purifiers. On the other hand, if the water flow of the water purifier is small, it will be difficult for the whole family to drink water to make tea, cook vegetables and cook rice.
1. Under the same conditions (for example, the water pressure is the same as the water temperature), it is found that the water purifier in the home produces less water. Then it is very likely that the filter element is blocked. If the service life of the water purifier filter element is approaching at this time, then the water purifier needs to be replaced with a new filter element.

2. The water purifier has a noticeable increase in water output. This situation is generally considered to be caused by damage to the RO membrane.

3. When it is found that the taste of the water from the water purifier has deteriorated, this situation is probably because the filter element of the water purifier filters too much impurities and bacteria. At this time, the filter element also needs to be replaced.

4. Calculated by time, when the service life of the filter element reaches 80%, the filter element should be replaced. The service life of the filter element is only the ideal period for the use of the water purifier filter element. However, in reality, the water quality is not the same in every region, and there is a certain gap.

Regardless of whether we are buying a water purifier or acting as a water purifier agent, the frequently asked questions of these water purifier customers must be understood clearly!

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