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The Secret of Healthy Longevity for Centenarians

Zhongxiang City, a county-level city under Hubei Jingmen City. A county was established during the Western Han Dynasty, and Mingxian County was renamed Yongshou County in the first year of the Song Dynasty (470 AD); it was renamed Changshou County in the 17th year of the Western Wei Dynasty (AD 551); the 10th year of the Jiajing Period of Ming Dynasty (AD 1531) Renamed Zhongxiang County, taking the meaning of "Xiangrui Zhongju". On May 20, 1992, with the approval of the State Council, Zhongxiang County was cancelled and Zhongxiang City (county level) was established. Zhongxiang City is located in the center of Hubei Province, with a land area of ​​4488 square kilometers and a total population of 1.05 million. According to the 2000 national census data, Zhong Xiang ranks second among the six longevity hometowns in China. The city's average life expectancy is 75.88 years, which is 4.48 years higher than the national average and 9.88 years higher than the world average. Is the country's famous longevity hometown. Zhongxiang City has 109 elderly people over the age of 100, 3,075 people over the age of 90, 19,000 people over the age of 80, and the proportion of centenarians in the total population has reached 10.5 per 100,000, with the highest age being 114. In 2008, Zhongxiang City was identified as the “Longevity Home in China” by the Chinese Gerontology Society. On May 20, 2015, Zhongxiang City was named the "Hometown of Longevity in the World" at the review meeting of the International Expert Committee on Population Aging and Longevity, held by the Republic of Malta at the headquarters of the United Nations Ageing Institute.
Zhongxiang City has many longevity since ancient times. It has been called "Changshou County" for more than 1,000 years. It was changed to Zhongxiang County during the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty. Many place names inherited from Zhongxiang City are closely linked to "Changshou", such as Changshouhe, Changshoudian, Changshou Village, Wanshouyan, Beard Mountain, Baisui Bridge, Baisui Village, etc. many.

The distribution of water resources in Zhongxiang City: 2 large-type reservoirs, 6 medium-sized reservoirs, 50 small-type 1 reservoirs, and 126 small-type 2 reservoirs. At the same time, the Han River runs through Zhongxiang from north to south, and there are 11 towns and urban areas. Reclaimable water can be used to build a water plant. There are 8 townships that draw water from a reservoir or a mountain river to build a water plant. In the villages where the town ’s tap water is not radiant, there are private tap water from the Han River and a small tap water plant; where the town tap water plant and private tap water plant are not covered, the water purifiers in Zhongxiang City will put in community water dispensers to make up Gradually phase out groundwater, and strive to make all Zhongxiang people drink and use clean and pure water. Although the water quality of the Zhongxiang City Waterworks has reached the standard, the Zhongxiang people are not satisfied. Five years ago, their households began to install domestic water purifiers, with a penetration rate of more than 50%. If no water purifier is installed at home, they also drink water and eat on the community water dispenser. Due to the importance of drinking water quality, drinking water quality is good, longevity hometown, people live longer!
Water quality: TDS value of mountain spring water is about 26mg / L, TDS value of reservoir water is about 160mg / L, TDS value of Hanjiang water is about 190mg / L, and TDS value of rural groundwater (shallow water wells within 30 meters) is about 300mg / L. Most of them are about 600mg / L. In mountainous areas, mountain spring water, that is, natural and pure water, has many longevity elderly people; using water from Dashan Reservoir, there are more longevity elderly people; in small hills and plains, where there is groundwater (shallow wells), there are many cancers.

Liu Shengyong, a member of the Water Purification Industry Joint Water Quality Survey Team of Zhongxiang City, Hubei Province, and his party, went to the countryside to investigate the centenarians.

At the first stop, the water quality investigation team went to Tiegang Village, Lengshui Town, Zhongxiang City, which belongs to the area using groundwater.

There is a centenary old man named Yang Guoming who was born on June 22, 1918. This year is exactly 100 years old.

The village uses groundwater (shallow well water) and the water quality is not good. But the Yang Guoming family drank pure water in barrels.

The survey team measured that the TDS value of the water (groundwater) used was 320mg / L, and the TDS value of the drinking water (barreled water) was 3mg / L, which was RO purified water.

Unfortunately, the old man did not use a reverse osmosis water purifier, but he drank a bottled water made by reverse osmosis and boiled it. Drink pure water, so longevity. In order to make the "Longevity Hometown" longer and the "hundred-year-old" elderly to live longer, the investigation team will install a reverse osmosis water purifier for free for their families in the near future!

Next, the investigation team is planning to go deep into the mountainous areas, and go to those mountainous areas where there is neither tap water nor barrel water to investigate the centenarians who drink natural and pure water, mountain spring water.

Drinking water does not provide the beneficial minerals that the human body needs, it is just a porter of beneficial minerals in the human body!

Through the inspiration of the longevity village and the longevity elderly, the fact of iron once again illustrates a truth: the minerals and trace elements needed by the human body come from food, not water!

Do you want to live long and healthy? Please drink pure water!

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