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What makes you short-lived is not alcohol and tobacco, but boiled water in your hands

Today, we care a lot about what water we drink, and we know a lot more. But little is known about why water is consumed and how it is good for the body. A famous quote from Bartman, MD, is: You are not sick, you are just thirsty. He told us that water is a good medicine.
He believes that there are many diseases that are simply dehydration of our body. The lack of water in the body has caused disorders in water metabolism, and physiological disorders have led to many diseases.
There is a complete water storage system in the human body. This system stores a large amount of water in the human body, which accounts for about 70% of body weight. Because of this, people can adapt to temporary water shortage in a short time.
At the same time, there is a drought management mechanism in the human body, whose main function is to strictly distribute the water stored in the body when the human body is short of water.
In the distribution, the brain has absolute priority. The brain accounts for one-fifth of the body's weight, but it receives 18% to 20% of the total blood circulation, and the proportion of water is the same. The human body's drought management mechanism is very strict. When allocating water, all organs in the body will be monitored and allocated in strict accordance with a predetermined ratio. No organ can be overtaken. All functions of the body are directly restricted by the amount of water.
After the drought management mechanism in the human body sends a signal of local water shortage, people will immediately feel thirsty. The stronger the alarm signal, the stronger the thirst, and the more urgent the body's demand for water is.
However, people mistakenly give it tea, coffee, wine or drinks ...
Over time, the metabolic function of water will be disturbed. Once the metabolic function is disturbed, the drought management mechanism will signal not only thirst, but also show more symptoms than "dry mouth": such as low back pain, cervical pain, and digestive tract. Ulcers, elevated blood pressure, asthma and allergies, and insulin-independent diabetes, among others.
The cure for these diseases is simple: drink enough water!
Water is like medicine and poisonous. It is miserable if you don't purify water ... The people take food as the sky, food as the priority, and water as the source. Installing a water purifier at home is equivalent to setting a protective barrier for the whole family!
Seven reasons to install water purifiers
First, 95% of people in this world are sick and dead! Everyone must not be lucky, don't be blindly optimistic, the person lying in the hospital today still has the same mentality as you and me!
2. Many people are not willing to invest in health protection for themselves, but there is a truth you need to know: 60% of families will change their properties or even borrow money to help you pay for the medical expenses you owe to the hospital because of your illness.
3. Those who can't make time to sleep will sooner or later get sick; if they can't make money to install water purifiers, sooner or later they will make money to pay medical expenses.
4. No matter how much you make money, when you get sick in the hospital, you will find that the money is like "papyrus". The hospital is like a "shredder". You make money one by one, but when you get to the hospital, you spend a lot of money on it. It ’s terrible!
V. Minor illnesses ... Procrastination, serious illnesses ... Carry, and I am waiting to see the King! The reason why minor illnesses cause serious illnesses is, in the final analysis, not paying attention to the significance of health. When a serious illness comes one day, I regret to leave the world.
Sixty, 80% of the people will give up all the money they have saved to the hospital in only one year left of the world, and they still have to be reconciled to the road! Today's health does not mean that you will be healthy tomorrow. The process of quantitative change to qualitative change may not be so painful, so it is important to establish a healthy health awareness!
Seven, one week, you will find that money is not important, family and body are important; one month, you will find that money is very important, body and family are especially important; six months of serious illness, it is estimated that you are willing to give up all fame and fortune now, go Exchange back what you think is important; if you are a long overworked parent, you may be willing to give money to care for them in exchange for your love; unfortunately, most people in this world are scarred I forgot the pain. Including you and me!
do you know? If you drink water wrong, it will be short-lived!
Drinking water is related to the incidence of cancer
Many people hear cancer discoloration, but do not know that drinking water can also reduce the incidence of cancer. In the United States, a large number of epidemiological observation experiments were conducted. The experimental population was divided into two groups. One group could drink more than 5 glasses of water per day, and the other group could drink less than 2 glasses of water per day. After the experiment, the results showed that women who drank more water had a 45% lower overall cancer risk than men who drank less water, and men had a 32% decline. It can be seen that drinking water can reduce the incidence of cancer.
Similarly, the United Kingdom also conducted an experiment on female groups. After experimental monitoring, it was found that the risk of breast cancer in women who drank more water decreased by 79% than women who drank less water. It can be seen from these two experiments that drinking water is indeed beneficial to the human body, but if the drinking water is contaminated, then drinking this water often is not only not beneficial to the human body, but also harmful to the human body.
Tap water down a community
Some time ago, residents of a community in Chaoyang District, Beijing experienced severe diarrhea. After testing by the hospital, it was determined that the residents of the community had been attacked by Norovirus. The so-called norovirus is actually a common gastrointestinal infectious disease, which is highly contagious. The common symptoms are diarrhea and vomiting.
Some residents pointed out that the emergence of Norovirus was due to the pollution of tap water in the community. At present, relevant departments are sampling and testing the tap water in the community, as well as inspecting all water supply pipeline networks. The frequency of encryption testing is also invited. Relevant experts are also invited to conduct on-site guidance.
How to drink assured drinking water
In addition to tap water, the media has repeatedly reported that there are many quality problems with bottled water and mineral water. Therefore, only by holding the source of drinking water in your hands, can the water you drink be healthy and assured. If you think so, then you should install a water purifier in your home.
The water purifier retains the impurities in the water into the filter element, and allows the good water to pass through the filter element for human drinking, which is the guarantee of drinking water health. A water purifier blocks a lot of impurities in a year:
About 2600 mg of rust in a year, 26,000 mg in 10 years;
About 9600 milligrams of organic matter (two or two pesticides) in one year, and 96,000 milligrams (two pounds of pesticides) in 10 years;
About 500 mg of sediment in one year, 5000 mg in 10 years;
About 4 milligrams of lead a year, and 40 milligrams in 10 years.
Without a water purifier, you could drink all of them.
In a word: the water purifier is your patron saint of water quality! Installing a water purifier is for your own health considerations and it is also responsible for your family!
Good water determines your quality of life. Good water makes your health more secure! !! !!

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