Tap Water Filter/Washing Machine Filter



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Terms of payment and delivery:
Minimum order quantity:200
Price:30% down payment before delivery 70%
Packing details:Paper inner and outer box
Delivery time:15-30 days
Payment method:T/TL/C
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  • Description
  • The product adopts the most advanced ion-exchange and activated carbon adsorption technology to perfor water purification fuction. activated carbon which can efficiently remove the small molecular organic substance, residual chlorine, and other can improve water taste Kinds of the filter cartridge:

    1. coconut active carbon

    2. coconut active carbon&resin(10%).

    Material inside: phosphate

    Phosphate function:

    Remove Calcium&Magnesium,avoide equipment rusting and forming limescle


    Packing: 37.5×27×59cm/50PCS

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